Hamonate Consulting is well experienced in the ERP and Microsoft arena and applies best business practices and business models in its solution offerings, customised to meet customer-specific requirements. Hamonate Consulting’ core team consists of a small management team, where our combined business and IT industry experiences exceed 30 years.

Hamonate Consulting Company Overview and Core Competency

Hamonate Consulting specialises in the provision of consultants experienced in the SAP and Microsoft software suite (including integration with approved add-ons). These include Recruitment (contract and permanent resources), Implementations, Upgrades, Support, Training/Education, BPR, Business Consulting and the ongoing maintenance of operational systems.

Our aim is to provide clients with the highest caliber of resources, at cost-effective and competitive rates, in order to assist clients in successfully implementing SAP and Microsoft.

Hamonate Consulting Resource Availability

With have access to in an excess of more than 5000 consultants with an average experience well in excess of 10 years per consultant in SAP, Microsoft, ICT and business. The Hamonate Consulting consultants have extensive and relevant experience. A mix of information technology and seasoned business professionals ensures that Hamonate Consulting offers a comprehensive response to business ICT and SAP system issues and requests.

Our consultants also undergo extensive interviews to ensure they are they are the right fit to take Hamonate Consulting forward in the market, as well as being able to fit seamlessly into any company where they may be placed.

Hamonate Consulting Training Solutions

Training is a critical success factor for a successful SAP implementation and therefore Hamonate Consulting has an intensive focus in this area of SAP. We have compiled training material and trained a number of users across several accounts, both locally and internationally. Hamonate Consulting is an Accredited SAP Education Partner and reseller for the SAP HUB learning systems.

We expect the following outcome for the students:

  •   Buy into SAP (part of training/change management) and the understanding of how the system can support their day to day job.
  •    Enable them to empower themselves with the knowledge to provide ‘ease of use’ of the system and provide user support.
  •    That SAP is user friendly and the ‘best of breed business solution’ available on the market.
  •    That using SAP is an easy approach and can support all their queries on line (i.e. the use of help screens etc.)
  •    Ensure that they are comfortable with the system and eager to use the system efficiently.
  •    Utilise the SAP HUB ‘self-study’ system for on-going learning and support.

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